Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This is actually an old photo but it is what they are doing at this very moment. Monopoly. (shudder) They love it. Josiah traipses in and out but doesn't actually play.

I wonder if they have any idea. How can they? How can they know that this time in the floor with their Dad is forming them into the men they will be? That these will be the memories they most cherish someday when their Dad is gone? That their patience with their children comes in some way directly from the hours their Dad layed in the floor and laughed and chided and played with them?

Todd, you're a good dad. A really, really, really good dad and I am thankful to our God for blessing my children with such a dad as you.

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Anonymous said...

A loving earthly Father also helps us know our Heavenly Father as loving. These two fathers also took your kids through the storm. Glad all is going well in your life.
Miss you, Eunice