Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall Break

The boys, my Mom and I went on safari (it just means "travel" in kiSwahili) for Fall break this year down to Lousiana to see my grandparents. It was a really fun trip with marvelous weather and just enough mishaps to make it interesting (like the frog mysteriously appearing in the sink while I was washing my face and jumping out on my arm and making me scream and then my grandfather laughing at my kids while they huddled in the bathroom door refusing to catch it for me).

I'm trying to upload pictures but I foolishly signed up for this new beta version of Blogger and, of course, can't get them uploaded very easily....or at all for now. In fact, a post from yesterday is nowhere to be found. sigh. I did manage, however, to turn my blog pink. Like it? There is a definite lack of pink in my life. I'm trying to compensate.

When I do manage to get some shots up they will show scenes of going to the beach in south Louisiana, which was decimated by Hurricane Rita one year ago last week. You will also see shots of the boys hanging out with my grandfather on his tractor and his four-wheeler and my aunt and uncle's lake house in south Texas followed by a birthday party in Ennis that we stopped in for on our way home. It was a really great week. Wish you could'a been there.

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Geraldine said...

Pink? Do you have to have PINK? I feel like I'm in a Pepto Bismol ad!! Can't you make it a nice peachy color instead???? It's pretty close to pink!

I guess I should admit to you that NO, I don't like the pink!!!

Now, aren't you glad I got power back? 8^)